Key Features

Sterile, single use

5 minute procedure

Lasting Pain Relief

Product information

The DenerveX® System – coming soon

DenerveX® is a rotational, monopolar, radiofrequency denervation device, powered by a dedicated DenerveX® Pro-40 generator. It is designed to ablate the nerve and capsular tissue on the posterior surface of the facet joint. Denervation is achieved through Rotacapsulation™, a combination of high heat and rotational tissue shaving.

Each DenerveX® device is provided in a procedure tray with the following accessories: 1mm K-wire, Procedure Dilator, Portal Tube, Portal Driver and Tissue Stabilizer. The DenerveX® device and accessories are designed for single-use and provided sterile.

Company profile


Medovex has joined forces with Point Blank Medical to introduce this revolutionary procedure for facet joint pain in Australia.